Crush it

Don't let user generated content overwhelm you. Crush it, with PXcrush.


Total size of your images now:

Total size of your images after PXcrush: ()

What does this mean?

With a lower footprint, there's less to download so your pages will load quicker.

Even without your images crushed, PXcrush can save you space and bandwith through transforms. You can store one high quality version of your image in your own content store, and PXcrush can provide them in any dimensions, cropped or fitted with a bunch different customisation options.

What's more, your images will be served on a trusted content delivery network, which means it will be sent in virtually no time at all from as close as possible to the destination.

What is PXcrush?

How much does PXcrush cost?

/Gb data transferred

11¢/1000 unique transforms

prices are in USD

Our pricing is simple. USD0.07/Gb of data transferred, USD0.11 per 1000 unique transform. That's it. There are no other fees or charges and you only pay for what you use.

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